Our next Community Meeting is July 17 at 7 pm at Upper Noe Rec Center

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Upper Noe Neighbors (UNN) advocates for residents and businesses within Upper Noe Valley, a traditional neighborhood dating back more than 150 years in the southern (upper) end of the valley from Cesar Chavez in the north to Fairmount Street in the south. Our current organization was established in1988, resuming a history of Upper Noe associations that date back to the early 20th Century, at least. Our mission is to promote the collective interest of the people living in or running a business or institution in Upper Noe Valley. We act to inform the public of matters important to our residents, to seek their input, and to present a forceful collective voice in dealing with civic, social, and safety issues. We take an inclusive approach to improving life here and in surrounding areas. We meet every other month on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM at Upper Noe Recreation Center.

Please consider joining UNN and working with us to make our neighborhood the BEST it can be.  We’re also looking for neighbors who may be interested in participating in one of our committees; Public Safety, Transportation, Land Use, Online Communications, Memberships and Events.  To receive our newsletter and stay updated on our activity, click the Subscribe button to the right. To become a member today, click Join or Renew to visit our Membership page.

Get involved and together we can continue to have a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood in which you LOVE to live!

– Your UNN Board