UNN Community Meeting Nov 16, 2022 Summary

Upper Noe Recreation Center, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
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(Read “What’s Up in Upper Noe” by Kit Carson, a member’s perspective of this meeting published in the December, 2022 Noe Valley Voice. click here  )

UNN Board in attendance:
Chris Faust, Tony Harris, Erin Zielinski, Andy Levine, Ryan Patterson, Judy Marrocco.

After ten minutes to mingle and imbibe refreshments, the meeting commenced with 25 people in attendance.

President’s Message – We live in a very walkable community north to south, less so east to west. A vibrant Church Street with access for all is important for all of us. We depend upon our shops and restaurants to provide goods but they also act as destinations where neighbors interact and build community. Our merchants depend upon us to keep them in business. We are working on goals to enhance our sense of community and welcome visitors to shop and dine in Upper Noe. While most of our stores survived the pandemic, they need more sustainable patronage and foot traffic. Tonight we will explore some of these ideas. All are welcome to help.

Introducing Heather World – the new legislative aide for Supervisor Mandelman and District 8 liaison for Noe Valley. She replaces Jacob Bintliff, who left the D8 office last month. Heather is also our neighbor and a board member of the Glen Park Association. She has worked closely with our park committee and has written for the Noe Valley Voice. Contact her at heather.world@sfgov.org 415 554-7753.

Heather reminded us to contact David Burke, public safety liaison for D8, on matters of crime and safety. David.burke@sfgov.org

Use 311 to report issues and then follow up with sup Mandelman’s office.

Kevin asked about assistance with cracked and broken sidewalks. Several attendees chimed in. We need follow up on the sidewalk grinding project of spring 2021 that repaired most but not all sidewalks in our neighborhood.

November 8 Election – D8 Legislative aide Jackie Prager spoke about the outcomes and consequences of the supervisor, DA and proposition races. Many of the races were decided by very narrow margins. Moderates Joel Engardio in Districts 4 and Matt
Dorsey in District 6 move the BOS more towards the center. They will likely boost Sup Mandelman’s priorities for public safety, shelters, mental health care and conservatorships. Both housing measures to streamline building permits lost, leaving SF without a clear path to build the increased housing required by the State of
California. If we cannot build on our own terms, the state will enforce compliance.

DA Brooke Jenkins won by a wide margin. Relationships between SFPD and the DA’s office are improving, as is communication with other Bay Area law enforcement. This will help address public safety concerns.

Many attendees expressed exasperation with the ballot initiative process and the difficulty voters have with figuring out what each measure does. The language needs to be simpler. Why does the city attorney allow them to be written in such a confusing manner?

Why did the public support taxes on measures A (pensions), F (schools) and L (transit) but reject Prop O for City College? This possibly reflects a lack of public confidence in the College Board to solve the current fiscal crisis and build a strong future.

Church Street Improvement presentation by Andy Levine
 Emphasize distinction between Noe Valley downtown (24th Street) and Upper Noe
 How can we define the Upper Noe neighborhood and help the merchants?
 What would we ask for if we had funding?

Andy explained the 10 blocks of ideas for Church Street (see illustration) and opened up the meeting for feedback from the floor (see below).

 Need more non-restaurant commercial
 Is there a limit on the number of restaurants,, bars or other businesses?
 Most support is for bistro lights, banners/branding, flower baskets, planters/benches, historic markers
 Bistro lights create a sense of place; enhance feeling of safety
 Benches could be placed near MUNI stops; more flexible and cheaper than tearing up sidewalks to add
 Historic markers create a sense of place; could tie in to audio for more info (walking tour); could leverage
other organization resources.
 Archway would be impeded by the numerous overhead MUNI and electric wires
 Street graphics are overkill; require too much maintenance

Committee Updates/ 2022 Neighborhood Goals Review
Transportation – 311 is the most effective way to report maintenance and repair issues.
Stop signs Noe @ Day – Approved! Awaiting installation. Need follow up with Andre Wright.
 Stop signs on Church @ 28th – No Progress. Need intervention to interrupt the long stretch of Church that has no stops. Possibly move the stop sign from 26th to 28th to ensure that traffic stops at least every other block on Church. Relocating an existing sign would have minimal impact on MUNI.
 J Church – Restore the J Workgroup. Karen Kennard reports that their highly successful group is diligently monitoring data to ensure that SFMTA doesn’t concoct reasons to kick it out of the tunnel again. The best way to support adequate J service for our community is to ride it.
 Repaving both Church St and 30th Streets – Stalled. 30th St was moving forward but now we are getting mixed messages from SFMTA about scheduling.
 Slow Sanchez – UNN presented Community Guidelines to the public for consideration. SFMTA has a Slow Streets webinar Nov 28 and a public hearing Dec 6.

Finance – had $2500 in treasury and spent half of it on our 501c(3) application. Approval expected in December. Looking forward to qualifying for grants and programs. Kudos to Ryan Patterson for getting this project moving.

Events / Membership – Highly successful upper Noe Block Party 2022.

Upper Noe Merchants
 Organization has bounced back from COVID.
 Broad support for Upper Noe Block Party 2022. Over 30 local businesses participated with $3800 in prizes and donations to the park.
 Empty storefronts: Lehr’s was about to close but fortunately changed ownership and remains in
business; the former Key Kraft at 1585 Church St is now Love And Stem flower shop; Pomelo’s is undergoing retrofitting but has a tenant; Veteran’s Liquor owners have started a dialog.
Land Use – Working on branding for Upper Noe with lights, banners, planters, etc.
Park Committee – 311 is the most effective way to report maintenance and repair issues.
 Acoustics improvements for Rec Center auditorium, $10,000 in Add-Backs GRANTED 6/30
Expenses incurred so far: Acoustic architect paid $1200
 Finish Day St mural, $2,500 in Add-Backs GRANTED 6/30.
 UN Block Party, $2000 in Add-Backs. GRANTED 6/30
Expenses incurred: $2,549, Highly successful event.
 Concerts in the Park free music series, $1500 in Add-Backs GRANTED 6/30
Expenses incurred: $1500, Very popular events. Season ended in October.

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