Current Issues for Upper Noe Neighbors

Protecting, improving and promoting retail in Upper Noe
J-Church Improvement Project – initiated by SFMTA in spring 2019. Community action saved the 30th and Church stop but action is required to save the 29th Street stop and 14 parking spaces.
Upper Noe Merchants formed in fall, 2019 to address merchants needs, advocate on their behalf, highlight businesses and events, find solutions for empty storefronts and improve the streetscape.
• Public garbage receptacles – DPW responded quickly to our request and installed many of the new style cans. We look to have the others replaced soon.
• Church Street Greening – a tree and sidewalk planting project. It needs a boost of energy. Anyone interested in helping out?
• Park – the blacktop basketball court and tennis court were repaved and painted in July 2019. Your emails, letters and 311 calls were a big help. Please continue to register your concerns about park maintenance.

Disaster preparedness
• Resilient Noe Valley – formed in spring 2019 to prepare for the inevitable. Meets monthly.
• Neighborhood Emergency Response (NERT) Training sessions at Upper Noe Rec are in the works.
• Dangerous leaning utility poles – the one at 30th and Chenery is a documented hazard. PG&E is dragging their feet. Our Assistant Deputy Attorney stopped additional wires from installation.
• Ficus tree in front of Seokeo on Church Street was leaning dangerously and threatening power lines. It has been removed at the request of businesses and property owners.

Street safety –
• Improved crosswalk painting – Day and Church was finally repainted with yellow stripes. We are advocating for well-painted crosswalks throughout Upper Noe.
• Keep porch lights on all night – SFPD recommends this to light sidewalks better. This makes nighttime walks less creepy, allows us to see who is outside better, and gives a sense that people are aware of what is going on. It feels safer and it is safer. It’s also seems more friendly.
• Battery backup for 30th St and Dolores to have red stops blink during power outage – Currently, the intersection just goes dark and is difficult to see in two directions. SFMTA rejected this citing budget and space issues but we will keep on it.

• Speed cushions (bumps) for 27th St between Dolores and Guerrero approved.
• Recently installed Sanchez @ 28th St stop sign – Success.
• Proposed signal light at 27th St and Guerrero.
• Initiative to install Church @ 28th St stop sign –It is the middle of a 4-block stretch with no stops. Traffic reaches high speed and accidents are frequent in that intersection.
• Initiative to install a stop sign on Noe at Day.

New items
• Harry Street & Comerford Street neighbors want the City of San Francisco to take ownership for these two streets. Both the Harry Street & Comerford Street folks are working with Supervisor Mandelman’s office to push this initiative forward.