March 15, 2023 Community Meeting Summary

Each March, UNN hosts our Annual Meeting. As such, the board reported on our finances and presented our preferred slate for officers and directors. The election was held via online voting. The results returned the preferred slate. I am honored to be elected to serve another term as president. View the full board

– 486 Active Members including 34 businesses
– 119 Voting Members (current with membership dues)

– $1500 received in membership dues
– $1600 in reserves
– Expenses: $1882 for website $90, Zoom $192, live meetings $300, 501c3 application $1300
– 501c(3) application approved in December, 2022.
– Applying for insurance
– Applying for a grant opportunity from Avenue Greenlight

J Church MUNI Forward & Slow Sanchez Proposals:
SFMTA Planner Felipe Robles and Public Information Officer Erin McMillan joined us as we reviewed the infrastructure changes for our neighborhood listed within a $3.5M MUNI grant proposal. It includes 80 foot transit bulbs (extending the sidewalk out through the parking lane to make loading platforms) on 30th Street and on Church Street, and a traffic light on Church at 25th St. We also looked at a $277K proposal for Slow Sanchez. Neither of these proposals was brought to our attention before going to public hearings for funding approval and subsequently receiving it. These projects raise questions about how neighborhood changes are initiated, especially when they will potentially have deep impacts upon our neighborhood shops and our access to them. View the presentaton.

Church Street Branding Project:
Andy Levine presented updates to this project. We were approached by Avenue Greenlight to submit a proposal for their upcoming round of community grants. View the project here

About the Election:
Since becoming a non-profit in December, UNN board has revised our bylaws to comply with state requirements. That necessitated a change in the way that we elect our board. In years past, we used a simple show of hands at our March meetings to elect officers. So, elections were determined by a small number of members. Now, in order to be more transparent and inclusive, we started using online voting so that all voting members might be enfranchised. A voting member is one who has been a member for at least 60 days and is current with their dues. Well, since we haven’t really been asking very hard for dues for the last few years, the number of voting members remains pretty small compared to our membership at large, about 28%. However, out of those of you that cast a vote, 98% voted in favor of the suggested slate. So, thank you all for that. Of course, more voting members are preferred. Please click here to renew your membership dues.

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