Neighborhood Goals

On January 19, 2022, UNN met to review our 2021 projects and then discuss goals for 2022.

Upper Noe Neighbors was quite active in 2021. So many neighbors pitched in to attend meetings, voice opinions, lend ideas, and make things happen.
Some Upper Noe high points of 2021:
•Almost every local shop and restaurant survived the enormous strain of COVID restrictions
•Slow Sanchez permanence and design (installation in process)
•Restoration of J-Church service (coming in February 2022)
•1900 Diamond Development modifications (agreement on a final design)

2022 Neighborhood Goals Wish List Updates are in italics.
To assist our Supervisor Mandelman in assisting us, it has been suggested that we create an annual list of projects and concerns that need to be addressed with funding, legislation or otherwise. Items on the list can then be matched against available grants and discretionary funds. Here is a preliminary list of projects that we will address and hopefully complete this year.

Stop signs:
Noe at Day Street  – – Kevin Wallace is following up. SFMTA’s daylighting proposal dropped. SFMTA carefully measured the intersection recently and we expect progress soon.
Church at 28th Street – – investigating and building consensus. An idea has been floated to move the 26th and Church stop sign to 28th St so that stops are more consistently every block or two. This would also remove SFMTA objections that another stop sign would impede the J Church.
Monitor Restoration of  the J-Church to underground service all the way to downtown – – Restore The J is tracking data.
Rescind the J-Church Improvement Project – – needs follow up now that the J is restored 
Repave both Church St and 30th St (200 block)  – in discussion with SFMTA, DPW and Sup Mandelman’s office. They do not have a work schedule for streets with MUNI rails. At SFMTA’s request, UNN has begun documenting 30th Street patches, potholes and broken pavement.
Slow Sanchez Rules of the Road – – A draft of suggestions to help the community use the slow street more harmoniously is in committee awaiting approval. VIEW THEM HERE


Upper Noe Merchants
Enhance cooperation and vitality within our business district – – merchants need more parking space availability. We are looking at whether parking meters would help.
Fill empty storefronts – –  identifying empty shops and looking at the available codes that can help fill them.
Supper Noe – – a proposed neighborhood walk and dine event. This has been tabled for now. Several of our restaurants are changing ownership and concerns about COVID stifled interest.

Public Safety
Better lighting on streets between 30th and Randall – – not started
This addresses concerns that most of the streets between 30th and Randall are so dark as to be intimidating for pedestrians. This is not a new complaint. SFPD and SFSAFE have recommended that we should encourage residents to leave their porch lights on all night. Those lower lights would do way more to illuminate the sidewalks than the high street lights. Our efforts would be to promote this and possibly distribute energy efficient bulbs to residents. We have no plans to identify street trees or to prompt any action by the City to trim trees.
Trees trimmed along Church St between 30th to improve lighting – – not started
This concern is directed at Church St between 30th and Cesar Chavez. On this broad commercial corridor, some tree trimming would improve lighting for pedestrians. This project will likely entail identifying dark spots, conferring with homeowners and making reports to 311.

Emergency Preparedness
Make Upper Noe Rec Center an emergency staging area – – in committee, under investigation.
Bring NERT training back to the Rec Center – – in committee, under investigation.
Neighborhood hazard inventory – – not started.

Acoustics improvements for Rec Center – sound system and acoustic dampening – Low priority. tabled for now.
Finish the Day St muralLow priority. tabled for now. 
UN Block PartyHigh priority. Work will begin on this in May. Added to the May 18 community meeting agenda.

Please contact for more details about each of these and/or to learn how you can help attain these goals.