The need for a 4-way stop is undeniable. This intersection sits in the middle of 4 blocks of unimpeded traffic. All of the merchants at that intersection witness accidents and near misses nearly every day and often several times a day. They, their patrons and neighbors have pleaded with SFMTA / MUNI for help. UNN has appealed directly to our supervisor and to SFMTA staff over the last two years. Regardless of all of this, SFMTA told us that they haven’t received enough complaints to warrant a stop sign.

In response, merchants collected over 300 signatures on petitions to SFMTA and made over 100 calls to 311 requesting stop signs on Church Street. We got SFMTA’s attention but not their commitment…yet.

  • Speeds are highest at this intersection.
  • This is the only location on Church St without a stop every block or two.
  • The lack of a regular pattern of stops is confusing to drivers and creates a dangerous situation.
  • Pedestrians and drivers need a stop sign here for safe crossing of Church Street.

CALL San Francisco Customer Service: DIAL 311. The apps do not have the ability to convey this type of request. You must speak to a 311 operator. Tell them, “I would like to open a new service request. Please, install a stop sign in the north / south direction on Church Street at 28th Street.”


CALL TODAY and please spread this message. As a community, we can and must get this done.