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How to Use Slow Streets Fact Sheet

2023 Slow Streets Evaluation Report

UNN supports Slow Sanchez in its current design formed through rigorous public process. We are interested in knowing more about what MTA is planning and what our neighbors want for the future of this street. We promote a common understanding of what a slow street is and how it should be used based upon the authority of MTA (How to Use Slow Streets Fact Sheet) and traffic laws.

Update 09/17/2023
SFMTA Slow Sanchez Project team came out to Upper Noe on Thursday, 9/14 to present Next Generation Slow Streets design elements. We walked from 30th Street to 24th, stopping at each intersection to discuss our experiences and potential design features including:
-Painted Safety and Community Zones
-Landscaped Islands
-Wayfinding and signage
-Landscaped Traffic Circles
-Roadway Narrowing
-On Street Bike Parking
To see these features and offer you input please go to
and click NEXT at the bottom of the page.

For those who missed this opportunity, the Slow Sanchez team agreed to attend Upper Noe Neighbors at the rec center on Sept 20 at 7 pm and present.

Update 07/28/23
At this point, we are still waiting for SFMTA to respond to our request that they define the scope of this project, what the funding can be used for or what they intend to do with it.

Update 05/16/2023
UNN Slow Sanchez Committee met May 8
SFMTA’s 2023 Slow Streets Evaluation Report was released May 2. View the link above to see the full report. A snapshot is below. Sanchez has the best record of all slow streets. It is well below the targets of the program and not in need of any further intervention. The report’s Planned Follow-up is “Continue to Monitor.” Sanchez has only 320 cars per day vs. a target of 1000 or less. It has speeds of 13 mph vs. a target of 15 mph. It has zero Egregious Speeders (speeds over 30 mph). Amazing!
Update 03/05/2023
Supervisor Mandelman has requested funding for additional, permanent buildout of Slow Sanchez. The proposal was presented and approved at the February 22 SF County Transportation Authority Citizens Advisory Council.

The proposal reads: “Funds will be used to design and construct ‘next generation’ Slow Street improvements along Sanchez Street from 23rd Street to 30th Street. Construction treatments will include the installation of traffic calming islands with potential landscaping and permanent signs, wayfinding & identification signs on poles to improve connections to the City’s bike network, and up to 4 traffic calming concrete islands on Sanchez Street to create community space and add green elements in the roadway. SFMTA anticipates that the project will be open for use by March 2024.”

Here is the documentation: SFMTA Next Gen Sanchez Slow Street ARF

Community Guidelines

Update: 02/22/2023
Now that SFMTA has extended the life of Slow Sanchez beyond the pandemic emergency order, they published a set of norms to provide an environment that feels safe, comfortable, and welcoming for everyone. Please view these here: How To Use Slow Streets Fact Sheet

The SFMTA fact sheet aligns with the previous work by the Slow Sanchez Committee of Upper Noe Neighbors, who proposed a set of community guidelines for using the street last year. These guidelines are meant to be voluntarily accepted by the community, as a way to reduce hazards and/or burdens on our neighbors, to make our Slow Street a safe and enjoyable shared space, and to elevate a sense of community/belonging in this neighborhood.

1. Please deposit your trash (including pet waste) in City trash receptacles.
2. Please keep noise to a minimum, particularly after 6:00 p.m. Talking in groups should be done away from neighbors’ windows.
3. Please be respectful of residents’ property and frontage. (For example, do not congregate on neighbors’ stoops, set up sales in front of homes, or post signs on trees, without the homeowner’s consent.)
4. Events on Sanchez Street (subject to required City permitting where appropriate) should occur on weekends between noon and 6pm.
5. Slow Streets are thoroughfares serving pedestrian and vehicle transportation. Please do not congregate or place furniture and other obstructions in the road.
6. For safety, please exercise caution and awareness of swiftly moving but silent bicycles, electric cars, e-bicycles and e-scooters.
7. Parents and caregivers are urged to provide supervision to ensure that children use Sanchez Street in a safe manner.
8. Please remember that vehicles retain the right of way on Slow Streets. Vehicles accessing the immediate block (e.g., residents leaving/returning home, delivery trucks or service vehicles conducting business at a building located on the block) must be allowed to use the road unimpeded.