October 2013 meeting

Please join us

Our last meeting of 2013 is on Wednesday, October 9, at 7:30 p.m. at the Upper Noe Rec Center, 295 Day Street at Sanchez.


The 8 Washington Street debate (Props B & C)
No, it’s not our neighborhood, but it is our City and this issue is a big deal. This piece of land on the Embarcadero opposite the Ferry Building is being proposed for a housing development that asks for an exemption to the current height limit on the waterfront. Proponents say it will actually open up the waterfront by getting rid of a parking lot and fenced-off area and adding pedestrian open space. They also site the need for housing and how many jobs the project will create. The “No Wall on the Waterfront” folks take the opposite stand: there should not be any exemptions to the height limits that were put in place years ago as a way to protect the waterfront for all–doing so would set a dangerous precedent for future development. Plus the housing will be for the ultra rich and do little to increase what’s available to the middle class.

We will have presentations from both sides.

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