Upper Noe Neighbors Safety Meeting Feb 24, 2021

Neighborhood Safety Meeting

We heard from neighbors about crime in Upper Noe. SFPD reports that overall crime in San Francisco is down but the most common types of property crime have increased in Noe Valley.
• Thieves have switched from victimizing commuters and tourists to targeting garages, homes and packages.
• Criminals work in crews, case the area during the day and strike between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.
• SFPD is running stings and catching criminals but need our assistance.
• We are empowered to improve our personal security by removing the incentives for criminals to prowl our streets. Don’t be an easy target.

This data was recently published in the Noe Valley Voice.

Some of the input from our neighbors:

Please Increase Police Patrols –
• Patrols have increased in our neighborhood after midnight.
• Officers are frequently called away to more serious crimes in other parts of Ingleside Station.
• SFPD is down 150-200 officers due to attrition and less academy classes. Supervisor Mandelman supports more classes but was outvoted.
• Improve relationships with SFPD – policing is personal; wave, talk to them, help them to learn the trouble spots.
• Report suspicious activity

Burglary / garages –
• Update your garage door opener – new openers have 3rd generation electronics and are more secure.
• Make it difficult to drill, move or remove garage door safety releases.
• Replace the door glass with either plywood or polycarbonate unbreakable window.
• Emergency release kit security – if the only way to access the garage is through the garage door, the law requires an external key to release the door in case power is out. It is very easy for burglars to pop the lock out and open the garage door.
• Install double locks – add a simple sliding bolt lock inside your garage to block the door track. (below right)
• Add a shield to block the release lever from being hooked from outside (below left).

Porch Pirates –
• Brazen thieves generally do not care if you see them or yell at them. Do not physically accost them.
• Notify your neighbors that they have a package at their door or hold it for them.
• Have packages delivered to a locker or holding service service (UPS Store), a business or neighbor.

Sideshows –
• Incidents are increasing in this part of town.
• SFPD response focuses on monitoring popular locations and safely dispersing crowds.
• New law allows SFPD to impound cars for 30 days for participation in stunt driving demonstrations.
• January 24th incident at 2:20 a.m. was large and scary for resident along Dolores Street from San Jose Ave all the way down to 28th street. Cars blocked the road, raced around and drove the wrong way; participants tagged property and vandalized security cameras. Police response was slower / less than expected but SFPD called the operation a success. They impounded 11 vehicles and issued 10 citations for individual violators — not one of them a San Francisco vehicle or resident. Read more at https://www.sanfranciscopolice.org/news/citys-coordinated-response-deadly-stunt-driving-events

Cameras –
Can we add cameras along Church Street and major intersections? Merchants are being victimized.
High def is best for SFPD use but very expensive to install and maintain.
Can we help merchants add external cameras to their current systems?
Ring cameras are effective for home. Cosco has motion sensor video camera $99.
Register your home camera with District Attorney program so that police have an idea of the kind of coverage a neighborhood has and know whom to contact to gather evidence. https://www.sfdistrictattorney.org/resources/register-your-camera/

Practical Solutions
• Know your neighbors and look out for each other. Have a contact tree.
• Start a Neighborhood Watch Group. https://sfsafe.org/
• SFSAFE Home Security Check will do a walk-through of your home and point out vulnerabilities.
• Encourage neighbors to leave front light on all night. Motion activated lighting is good too.
• Keep the neighborhood clean. CALL 311 to report safety and maintenance issues – graffiti, trash, dumping.

Crime statistics are available at:
Ingleside Station Weekly Newsletter https://www.sanfranciscopolice.org/stations/ingleside-station .
Ingleside Station on Twitter https://twitter.com/sfpdingleside?lang=en
Neighborhood Watch https://sfsafe.org/

Predators prowl – Don’t offer them prey.

See uppernoeneighbors.com for more safety tips.

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