March 8, 2017

March 8, 2017

Agenda and Presentations:

  • Rate Payer Advocates discusses proposed rate hikes from Recology
  • Committee introduction and updates:
  • Election of  your new board

Ratepayer Advocates
Rosie and Patricia visited as a part of their paid outreach for recology and the department of public works. Their role is to present rate increases to community groups and to bring back comments/concerns of communities. They are meeting with 140 groups total.

The last landfill contract was with waste management and was quadruple the old 1980s contract. SF has a goal for zero waste by 2020. Last rate increase was 2013, 19%. To derail the increase, 51% of ratepayers (note not owners just customers) would have to reject.

* Does people digging through trash have an impact on recycling numbers? (not sure)
* Are locks available for recyling bins (yes, per Randy)
* Does this apply to business or just residential (residential only, separate contract for business)

Committee introduction and updates
* Transportation/SFMTA – Ed Mason
* Olga Milan Howells – Land Use
* Parks, Crime and Safety – Chris Faust

Maryanne presents the board slate:
President: Olga Milan Howells
VP: Chris Faust
Treasurer: Erin Zielinski
Secretary: Sara Fenske Bahat
Director at Large: Dave Emanuel
All nominations are moved, 2nd, and unanimously approved with no abstentions.

We want welcome our new board members and give a special thanks to outgoing president Marianne Hampton for her dedication to our neighborhood and her many years of service to Upper Noe Neighbors.

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