Sept 18, 2019

Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Upper Noe Neighbors Community Meeting
7 – 8:30 pm

Ed Mason delivered a report on SFMTA / MUNI.
– F line is a revenue line on Church Street and should be picking up and dropping off passengers.
– MUNI has an operator shortage. A scheduling adjustment to improve service will take shape in January.
– seats on the new Siemens streetcars are a known problem and the focus is on fixing that by adding contour to the seats, adjusting height and adding some forward-facing seats.
– Non-MUNI commuter bus traffic has increased 25% or more in the past 2 years.

Jessica Closson – District 8 Community Liaison for Public Safety
– explained her new position.
– D8 is the only one to have a liaison like her.
– her position is under Commander Fong of SFPD
– she is a non-sworn employee of SFPD but works in Supervisor Mandelman’s office.
– spoke mostly about homelessness, identifying hotspots and camps.
– focus on habitual services users.
– working on improving the perception of safety.
– what can the community do to help you (Jessica) to be successful?
– keep in touch with her.

Rafael Mandelman spoke about conservatorship
– he explained the idea and the laws in a very clear and simple way but I didn’t get notes.
– he said the issue with helping drug addicts is that their psychosis abates after about 17 hours and they are released. They never get 3-day hospitalization.
Read more about conservatorship in SF

Alex from Assemblymember Chiu’s office
– gave a short introduction. We’ll have her back again.

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