Our next meeting is planned for Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

President’s Report
July 2013

Even with many of you out of town for summer vacation, we had a good turnout for the update from AT&T on placement of their U-verse boxes in Noe Valley. Since locations are being finalized, and with time for challenging those locations still possible, we thought a direct discussion with the company was warranted. Boe Hayward (formerly Bevan Dufty’s legislative aide) represented AT&T. He once again reiterated why these cable boxes can’t be placed underground or on private property (safety and access issues). So these boxes are going in…it’s a done deal. However, one thing we’re pushing for and that they seem receptive to is that all their boxes within those cluster locations should look the same, meaning the older uglier ones should be re-coated with the same dark green graffiti-resistant polymer as the new. That’s the least they can do.

Supervisor Scott Wiener was on hand to comment on the AT& T issue and stress that they are able to do what they’re doing based on State regulations. The City has, apparently, very little say in all this. But Scott did agree that pushing them to recoat the old boxes was a great idea. Scott also gave us a brief update on City Hall issues.

Another strong voice on the AT&T U-verse controversy was presented by Kearstin Krehbiel, Executive Director of San Francisco Beautiful. That group takes strong exception to corporations taking over public space and has taken legal action against AT&T on this issue.

Our July agenda also included a presentation by Isabel Wade on her non-profit group, Just One Tree, which promotes growing lemons throughout the City. Lemon trees are easy to grow here and are very prolific, offering an excellent opportunity to share their bounty in many ways with our neighbors or those less fortunate. The group has created a registry of lemon trees and can help folks get their own tree growing and then make good use of the lemons.

Our next meeting is planned for Wednesday, October 9, 2013. Stay tuned.


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