December 2012 meeting summary

Next meeting: Wednesday, January 9, 2013, 7:30 p.m., Upper Noe Recreation Center, 295 Day Street (at Sanchez). Agenda will include an introduction of the new Captain of Ingleside Station (Timothy Falvey) and a discussion with Muni on some issues affecting neighbors.

President’s Report
December 2012

Hello Neighbors,

Our last meeting, held on October 10, showed how interested our neighborhood is in election issues. At that meeting, a representative from the League of Women Voters (a non-partisan group that analyses ballot issues) discussed several of the most significant local and state-wide propositions on the November 6 ballot. These included replacing our local payroll tax with a gross receipts tax, a parks improvement bond, two state propositions to fund education and a requirement that genetically-modified foods be labeled as such. In this intimate neighborhood forum, we were able to better understand the pros and cons of the issues and have a healthy discussion with our neighbors. Thank you to all who attended.

The meeting schedule for Upper Noe Neighbors has been changed from monthly to quarterly. The reason for this is to concentrate on important, quality topics every three months rather than having to fill an agenda on a monthly basis. People are busy, and going to meetings every month seems overkill at this point. However, UNN is flexible, and we may periodically hold more frequent meetings as needs arise.

We hope to hold our next UNN meeting on Wednesday, January 9, 2013, 7:30 pm at the Upper Noe Rec Center. This date depends on the availability of the auditorium (a scheduling challenge we have to deal with regularly now in the face of fewer resources for Rec & Park). If anyone has suggestions for agenda items, please let me know by emailing

Finally, UNN would like to sponsor a neighborhood party within the next couple of months…we are long overdue! Please contact me if you have ideas and can help with the planning.

Have a wonderful holiday season. See you in January.

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