Ingleside Station Community Meeting

Dear Neighbors,

Please join us as Upper Noe hosts Captain McFadden for this important public safety meeting.

Ingleside Station Community Meeting
Wednesday, January 20
7 – 9 PM
Upper Noe Recreation Center (Day and Sanchez St.)

 Public Safety Roadshow audio/visual presentation
 Personal safety tips
 Effective methods of reporting crime and suspicious activity
 Crime trends
 Specific neighborhood concerns
 Safety goals

Everyone is welcome and wanted. Community bonding guaranteed.
Refreshments will be served.
Please share this information with your friends, family and neighbors.

A Special Note To Our Members

With great sadness we announce that long-time Upper Noe Neighbors President Vicki Rosen passed away in June. Rosen’s persistence and dedication made Upper Noe Neighbors a force at City Hall, and we hope to continue her work informing the neighborhood about important issues.

Please join us Wednesday, October 14th at 7:00PM as we host a special UNN meeting to honor Vicki with a plaque.

January 2015 meeting

Happy 2015 neighbors!

We’ll have our first meeting of the year one week later that usual due to conflicting schedules. The agenda will consist of:

1. Supervisor Wiener talking about the legislation he’s trying to get passed that will loosen restrictions on in-law units in existing residential buildings. It’s somewhat controversial as there is concern that more in-law units could affect the quality-of-life in the neighborhood on a number of levels as well as not be or remain more affordable than regular rental units. Scott will explain the proposal and the safeguards that could be put in place to address some of these issues.

2. Reading Partners. If you’ve never heard about this national literacy non-profit you will at this meeting. Volunteering one hour a week can help a local elementary school student increase his/her reading skills. These students need help because they’re reading 6 months to 2 1/2 years below grade level.

Meeting: Wednesday, January 21
7:30 pm
Upper Noe Recreation Center (Day & Sanchez)

See you then.


October 2014 meeting

Don’t forget about Wednesday’s Upper Noe Neighbors meeting–October 8 at the Upper Noe Rec Center, 7:30 pm.

Main election issues to be discussed will be:

* Prop E (sugary beverage tax)
* Prop G (transfer tax on residential properties sold within 5 yrs. of purchase–to help stop speculation, evictions)
* Prop H (requires natural grass on GG Park sports fields)
* Prop I (requires artificial turf on GG Park sports fields)

We’ll have folks there from both sides of these issues. If we have time, a couple other ballot propositions will be discussed.

As always, refreshments will be served!

See you Wednesday…and thanks for supporting your neighborhood group.


July 2014 meeting

Hello neighbors,

Please join us for our next quarterly Upper Noe Neighbors where we will hear from our two S.F. supervisors who will face each other in their run for our Assembly District 17 in November: David Campos and David Chiu.

Supervisors Campos and Chiu will talk about what they each can offer as they vey for Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s termed-out spot in the California Legislature. It was a close runoff for the two of them in the primary earlier this month, with a low percentage of eligible voters going to the polls. The November election should prove much more participatory. The supervisors will discuss their platforms and take questions from the audience. It should be interesting!

We will start the evening at 7:30 pm with some special refreshments and a little time to visit with your neighbors before we have our discussion with the Supervisors.

Wednesday, July 9
7:30 pm
Upper Noe Recreation Center
Day & Sanchez streets

April 2014 meeting summary

Our next meeting is planned for Wednesday, July 9, 2014.

President’s Report
April 2014

Approximately 50 people were interested enough in our agenda to come to our quarterly meeting, many of whom we have not seen before.

The first discussion was with two representatives of the Livable Streets department of the SFMTA on the pilot project slated for San Jose Avenue between the 280 freeway and Randall Street. This six-month project which will begin in May will narrow San Jose Ave. northbound from three lanes to two in hopes of slowing things down a bit without creating traffic backups. Neighbors from the College Hill area and Glen Park have worked hard to make this street safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers for a long time. Although many of us view this part of SJA as somewhat of a freeway extension (and its very design seems to go along with that), nearby neighbors are well aware of the accidents and general dangers associated with that street. At the conclusion of the pilot project, the data gathered by SFMTA will be released to the public and comments taken. Nothing will be made permanent until there’s been outreach and discussion with the public. If the pilot seems to work well, the next step will be to change the San Jose Ave. offramp from 280 from two lanes to one…the way it was before the Loma Prieta earthquake.

The San Francisco Coalition to Underground Utilities did not have to convince many of our neighbors about the benefits of moving our ugly wires underground. We’ve been hoping for this for many years, but only certain neighborhoods have seen the benefits (Pacific Heights, Forest Hills, St. Francis Woods, Presidio Heights…no surprises there!). The reasons we’ve been given for not undergrounding is that the City can’t afford it. But other cities have done it (example: San Diego) with minimal taxation devoted specifically to under grounding. Most people are willing to pay if it will actually happen. The SFCUU has a petition for those who support this effort and are encouraging folks to contact their supervisor to demand the City take this seriously by figuring out an assessment scheme that will work for us and get this done. For more information contact SFCUU at

See you in July.

April 2014 meeting

Next meeting is April 9

Proposed changes to San Jose Avenue and new efforts by San Francisco Coalition to Underground Utilities to place utility wires underground are on the agenda for the next Upper Noe Neighbors meeting Wednesday, April 9.

(Read about the proposed changes to San Jose Avenue in the February issue of the Noe Valley Voice in Short Takes on p. 15.)

Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. and take place in the auditorium of the Upper Noe Recreation Center, 295 Day Street at Sanchez. For more information, email or call 415-285-0473.

January 2014 meeting

Happy New Year everyone!

Our first meeting of the year will be next Wednesday, January 8, at 7:30 pm at the Upper Noe Rec Center (Day & Sanchez). Here’s the agenda:

Warriors arena on the Waterfront? Former Mayor Art Agnos will discuss this proposal for Piers 30-32 (near Bay Bridge) and the possible impacts it and the associated condo development would have on the City.

San Francisco Village–This city-wide network helps older adults stay in their homes and neighborhoods and live active, full lives. This is an important resource for our aging, vulnerable population.

See you next week.


October 2013 meeting

Please join us

Our last meeting of 2013 is on Wednesday, October 9, at 7:30 p.m. at the Upper Noe Rec Center, 295 Day Street at Sanchez.


The 8 Washington Street debate (Props B & C)
No, it’s not our neighborhood, but it is our City and this issue is a big deal. This piece of land on the Embarcadero opposite the Ferry Building is being proposed for a housing development that asks for an exemption to the current height limit on the waterfront. Proponents say it will actually open up the waterfront by getting rid of a parking lot and fenced-off area and adding pedestrian open space. They also site the need for housing and how many jobs the project will create. The “No Wall on the Waterfront” folks take the opposite stand: there should not be any exemptions to the height limits that were put in place years ago as a way to protect the waterfront for all–doing so would set a dangerous precedent for future development. Plus the housing will be for the ultra rich and do little to increase what’s available to the middle class.

We will have presentations from both sides.

Our next meeting is planned for Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

President’s Report
July 2013

Even with many of you out of town for summer vacation, we had a good turnout for the update from AT&T on placement of their U-verse boxes in Noe Valley. Since locations are being finalized, and with time for challenging those locations still possible, we thought a direct discussion with the company was warranted. Boe Hayward (formerly Bevan Dufty’s legislative aide) represented AT&T. He once again reiterated why these cable boxes can’t be placed underground or on private property (safety and access issues). So these boxes are going in…it’s a done deal. However, one thing we’re pushing for and that they seem receptive to is that all their boxes within those cluster locations should look the same, meaning the older uglier ones should be re-coated with the same dark green graffiti-resistant polymer as the new. That’s the least they can do.

Supervisor Scott Wiener was on hand to comment on the AT& T issue and stress that they are able to do what they’re doing based on State regulations. The City has, apparently, very little say in all this. But Scott did agree that pushing them to recoat the old boxes was a great idea. Scott also gave us a brief update on City Hall issues.

Another strong voice on the AT&T U-verse controversy was presented by Kearstin Krehbiel, Executive Director of San Francisco Beautiful. That group takes strong exception to corporations taking over public space and has taken legal action against AT&T on this issue.

Our July agenda also included a presentation by Isabel Wade on her non-profit group, Just One Tree, which promotes growing lemons throughout the City. Lemon trees are easy to grow here and are very prolific, offering an excellent opportunity to share their bounty in many ways with our neighbors or those less fortunate. The group has created a registry of lemon trees and can help folks get their own tree growing and then make good use of the lemons.

Our next meeting is planned for Wednesday, October 9, 2013. Stay tuned.