Street Trees for Noe Valley

Friends of the Urban Forest has a January planting scheduled for Noe Valley but you must hurry to fill out the application since the deadline is 12/21/16!

For those of you not familiar, FUF organizes planting of street trees at reduced cost (and effort) to homeowners and tenants working with their landlords. If you have street frontage that you think would benefit from a tree (including replacement of damaged trees!), the process looks like this:

1- submit application by 12/21 (see below)– 2 forms to get things going, no obligation
2- FUF visits every address (outside, you do not need to be home) for a site inspection.
3- FUF gives you large choice of trees if they can plant in January and there is a community meeting re: species with the planting manager so you can learn more
4- FUF does the planting on 1/28! (the expense to homeowner starts at $135, depending on tree species)
5- FUF takes care of tree maintenance for up to 5 years for free, including in emergencies

As you might imagine, given the passing of Prop E, having a street tree is about to become easier (as we anticipate the City will maintain trees).

Currently, they have 16 applications for plantings, but they have lots of capacity to do more. Applying does not obligate you to plant, so if you think you might be interested, apply here! The deadline is Next Wednesday, December 21st.

FUF will tell us about a second program of sidewalk plantings at our next UNN meeting on January 11, 2017. This program is more expensive than the tree plantings, but more flexible. If you have a tree on your holiday wishlist this season, it’s worth applying as it’s much less expensive than doing it yourself!! .